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One of the most important factors you must consider when looking to hire us is that we guarantee the quality of our work. Our goal is to continually improve quality through communication with our quality control personnel, machining engineers, operators and you, the customer. In fact, our Quality Control Department is viewed as one of the most important areas within the company. Our commitment to quality begins with a proper program and machine set-up. These two factors are the solid foundation that all quality is built on.

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Consider These Factors

  • First off parts are fully inspected and approved by quality control before production starts.
  • All machine operators must inspect parts and organize them for traceability purposes.
  • On floor inspections are made by quality control personnel.
  • All staff members use the highest quality measuring instruments, which are inspected by the Quality Control Department.
  • A detailed inspection of parts is made in the quality control room and inspection reports are generated.
  • From the minute raw material is delivered to our door, it’s tagged, colour-coded and assigned to a bin number.
  • Jobs are noted with a material’s tag number to satisfy customer needs for material certificates.
  • Instruments and gauges are periodically inspected for accuracy.

The end result of these factors is a very satisfied customer.

Quality Control Instruments

TRUMPF QUALIFIER - Laser-Based Inspection Machine

The Trumpf Qualifier offers high speed precision measurement. This product enables us to measure milled, punched, formed and laser-cut sheet metal parts quickly, precisely and simultaneously. The measuring machine also makes it possible to develop programs using reverse engineering, and it can detect the actual contour of a part and convert the data back into a CAD file.


A CMM is used to measure part features such as holes, cones, arcs, spheres, surfaces, and so on. Features which cannot be measured with conventional hand tools are easily measured to a high degree of precision.

BROWN & SHARPE PROFILE 80 - Profile System

A Profiler provides the complete solution for measurement of external features of turned parts. Measurements include diameters, lengths, angles, radii, form deviation, intersection points, run out, concentricity, straightness and threads. Its capability to mechanically align threads to their helix angle allows inspection of parallel, taper and worm threads.

PRO-PEN P3000 - Engraving Pen

A programmable engraving pen offers high speed making of batch, identification, manufacturing date, manufacturer and serial numbers or names. At different angles or orientations. Interchangeable tips allow for the engraving of different materials.

Number of Products
  • 3 - MITUTOYO - Profile Projectors
  • 4 - MITUTOYO - Granite Surface Plates
  • 6 - MITUTOYO - Digimatic Bore Gauges 1/2” to 6”
  • xx - MITUTOYO - Digital Calipers and Micrometers
Quality Control Equipment
  • Dial Calipers
  • Vernier Calipers
  • Micrometers
  • Gauge Blocks
  • Dial Snap Meters
  • Thread Wire Sets
  • Comparator Stands
  • Magnetic Stands
  • V-Blocks & Clamps
  • Dial Indicators
  • Combination Square Sets
  • Granite Bench Comparators
  • Wide Range Of Internal & External Thread Gauges
    • Inch
    • Nps
    • Npt
    • Metric
    • Acme
    • Buttress
    • Multi Start
    • Right & Left Hand
    • Special
  • Wide Range Of Pin Gauges
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester

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