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The V.J. Screw Machine history is one of family success over a period of generations. We have a proud tradition of high quality workmanship and strong work ethic dating back several decades.

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V.J. Screw Machine was founded in 1979 by Vaclav and Josef Pechousek. The brothers were born and raised in Europe. Vaclav started as a master truck and bus mechanic in Europe. A perfectionist at heart, he had the natural ability to seemingly fix anything that came his way. His brother Josef was a graduate of a Technical Institute from Europe. As part of his five years of study, he spent over 2 years at a trade school. His educational background consisted of both theory and practical training on an array of different types of machines, metallurgy and complex calculations of everything from gears to turbine blades. He spent his days working hard as a machinist while attending school at night.

The Company Gets Founded

Vaclav and Josef worked together for 10 years as machinists. After gaining extensive experience, they honed their craft enough to found V. J. Screw Machine. They started with a 1,500 square foot shop, one Davenport multi-spindle screw machine and a contract to manufacture automotive muffler studs.

Early History

Within the first year, their oldest sons Charles and Radek were introduced to the business. During that year, two more Davenports, one Brown & Sharpe single spindle and a Hardinge turret lathe were added. Both sons learned quickly and became master screw machine set-up men. Thanks to the high quality of the parts, the quick delivery times and competitive pricing, word of mouth referrals enabled the company to continually grow over the following few years.

CNC Technology

Within five years, two additional sons, Peter and Mike, joined the company. The addition of these highly qualified family members helped move the company in a new direction, particularly with the addition of CNC technology. This sector rapidly developed and in recent year it has actually surpassed the sales of the Screw Machine division.

Quality Control

As the company expanded, it was determined that maintaining high quality would remain a top priority. As such, the Quality Control Department was expanded. In keeping up with the times, computerized measuring machines were added to help ensure that the company delivers quality to the growing complexity of the manufactured parts.

Company Expansion

Through the years V.J. Screw Machine has gone through a number of expansions. The last major period of growth within the company was in 2000. During that time, the company doubled the size of its shop. The company remains successful and currently has 50,000 square feet of floor space, including over 50 CNC and screw machines, 40 secondary machines and almost 200 years of combined machining experience just within the family… and growing!

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